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ElderCare Connections Fredericksburg, VA

Creative, Compassionate, & Comprehensive Plans for Aging

Senior care management Fredericksburg, VA

ElderCare Connections

We provide geriatric care throughout the Fredericksburg, Virginia region

ElderCare Connections has the expertise and resources to provide personalized care plans that both preserve the dignity and self-esteem of older adults while ensuring their safety and comfort. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors while minimizing the stress for those who care for them. 

We are advocates, liaisons, and care coordinators. We help seniors and their families navigate the journey of aging and find creative solutions that allow them to age well, not old.

Whether you're looking for care for a loved one or are planning ahead for your own aging journey, the guidance of a professional Geriatric Care Manager can help you and your family meet the challenges of caregiving with peace of mind. 

ElderCare Connections Fredericksburg, VA
ElderCare Connections Fredericksburg, VA
ElderCare Connections Fredericksburg, VA


Care Team

With over 35 years of experience, our care team is well established in the community. Our Geriatric Care Manager is both a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager, making her the most experienced GCM in the area.

Geriatric Care Management is not "one-size-fits-all," so neither are our care plans. We assess and incorporate the needs and wishes of your loved one into their care.



ElderCare Connections does not receive referral compensation from

 any facility or program. We only recommend what is truly the best for your loved one's quality of life.


Our Geriatric Care Services

We create a personalized care plan for your loved one that both respects their wishes and provides the best quality of life possible.





In-Home Assessments & Evaluation of Needs

Evaluation of Housing Alternatives

Educating Clients about Medical, Legal and Financial Matters

Long-Term Care Placement, Assessments, & Evaluation of Needs



Insurance Counseling: Medicare, Medicaid and Long Term Care

Referrals to Attorneys, Physicians, Financial Advisors

Referrals and Coordination of Public Programs

Coordination of Physical and Mental Evaluations

Coordination of Transportation Services

Arrangements and Monitoring of Home Care Services and/or Adult Day Care Services

Assistance with Respite Care Needs and/or Permanent Placement

Long Distance Caregiving Support and Frequent Updates



Advocating for Resident's Rights and Good Care Practices at Long Term Care Facilities

Resolving Problems Encountered with Long-Term Care

The ElderCare Blog

Taking from her experiences as a Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Registered Nurse, and daughter, Meg shares valuable knowledge about aging and caregiving for seniors, their families, and their caregivers.

Kind Words

“While working in the home care industry, I have collaborated with Meg Pemberton for Geriatric Care Management services with several shared clients. Each of the clients under Meg's care received prompt advocacy and follow-through on barriers to quality of life. Meg was not only a presence in the medical aspect of the client's life, but she was also concerned for and ensured emotional and mental well-being for each of her clients. I witnessed many times the professionalism and expertise that Meg brought to a challenging situation which would end in a positive outcome for our clients. Working alongside Meg has been a pleasure, not only because of her knowledge of the field of geriatrics, but because she has a true heart for service. I look forward to our continued partnership and advocacy for a population that deserves the best.” 

- Katie Davis
Co-Owner and Administrator of Journey Together Home Care, LLC

“Meeting with you [Meg] felt like a catharsis for two very tired caregivers (and it was) but in reality, it was your clear and succinct grasp of what RS needs and how to go forward that remains in our minds. Meeting with you is one of the best decisions we have made in our years caring for RS. You have given us new tools for the decisions that need to be made and with the knowledge that we can have you to turn to if we need future advice.” 

- ST

"Meg... You have been an absolute God send for our family. We will never forget how you've supported our Dad and our family through what has been a few pretty tough years, thank you doesn't quite do it" 


"Thank you for sticking with us. Your presence and care means the world to all of us." 

- Patti

"Thank you for sharing your insights these past few months. You have been an incredible help to me in trying to understand how to manage this stage of life with my parents."

- Suzanne 

"We are all so grateful for Meg and her involvement in this life stage we are walking through.  We say to each other often "Thank God for Meg!" 

- Betsy M.

If you are looking for someone to help you navigate life with an aging or disabled relative or friend, contact ElderCare! Valerie and Meg are warm, professional, knowledgeable and so, so helpful to caregivers.


My mental health improved 100% once we engaged them as a resource. After each appointment with my sister, Meg provides a detailed, observant report on her physical and mental health and well-being and is easily available for follow-up questions. She has a warm relationship with my sister, who very much enjoys her visits, even when Meg is urging her to move more! She is also a great liaison between us and the staff at the long-term care facility.


I can't recommend ElderCare highly enough!

- Caroline P.

Meg has eased my mind and warmed my heart because of the care she has given my mom. Before Meg, I was in the dark and guessing what was happening with my mom. She is a great link and intelligent life force for me since I am caring for my mom in another state. I don't know how I would survive without ElderCare Connections.

- Linda

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